7 Things to Keep in Mind About Proper Face Mask Use

Seeking to wear a face mask in light of COVID-19 is only the first crucial step; you also need to understand how to correctly wear and maintain your face mask for maximum protection.

7 Tips for Proper Face Mask Use

It may seem a little obvious how to apply a face mask, but during this worrying time, it is critical that your mask is fully protected and applied correctly. It is also natural to worry whether you have done so correctly, so allow these 7 steps to help you.

Proper Face Mask Use Tip #1: Always Wash Your Hands Thoroughly Before Touching Your Face Mask

The correct handwashing procedure should be the same as the safe handwashing practices already encouraged during this time. Wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds before touching the mask that you are about to apply.

Proper Face Mask Use Tip #2: Inspect Your Face Mask

Even if your mask is brand new, you want to check that there are no defects. This could be a small tear, a missing earloop or anything else with compromises the use of the mask. Be sure to check it thoroughly, as even the tiniest tear could render it ineffective.

Proper Face Mask Use Tip #3: Double Check the Correct Side is Facing Outwards

Your face mask will have a designated external side, which is usually colored. For medical face masks, this should be blue, but if you have any patterned alternatives, be certain that the correct side is facing outwards.

Proper Face Mask Use Tip #4: Tie Everything Securely

Be sure to fit the ear loops comfortably and firmly, wrapping them around each ear. If your mask has ties, then you should pick your mask up using these ties to bring it to your face and loop the ties around your head. You should tie these securely at the upper part of the back of your head.

Proper Face Mask Use Tip #5: Pinch the Top End of the Mask Around the Bridge of Your Nose

You want the mask to mold securely around the bridge of your nose. By pinching using your index finger and thumb, fit the mask tightly around the shape of your nose and so that it is pressing against the skin.

Proper Face Mask Use Tip #6: Double Check That the Mask is Completely Secure

Be sure that the mask is pressed against your face securely. Be sure that the mask reaches the bottom of your chin and curves under it. Double-check that the ties are secure and comfortable.

Proper Face Mask Use Tip #7: Remove and Dispose of In the Proper Way

Removing the mask correctly is just as important. Wash your hands before removal, and only touch the mask using the ties. Avoid touching the inside of your mask, which has been against your face. Dispose of the mask and rewash your hands.

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